Welcome to N’n’G Jyve

N’n’G Jyve was started by Nevis Bischard and her partner Garth in 2014.
Nevis has been dancing for the past 17 years. She started dancing with her Daughter Brianna who was 7 at the time. Nevis and Brianna danced together for 3 years.

During this time Nevis learned to dance the Man’s steps to help Brianna, this experience was to come in handy when teaching others.

Rock and Roll

Nevis met Garth at a dance night; together they began to teach Rock and Roll classes at the German Club on a Thursday night in January 2014. They took over from Rob and Kath who retired from lessons at The German Club in December 2013.

They have participated in dance demos and have been featured in the Bulletin newspaper and Take Five magazine.

Rock and Roll is popular on the Gold Coast and there is a strong market for beginners to learn Rock and Roll. As a result Nevis and Garth are delighted to offer their services on a Thursday evening.

If you are interested in learning to dance Rock and Roll, come and join Nevis and Garth on a Thursday evening at the Gold Coast Italo Australian Club – you will be glad you did.

Private lessons. See Rock and Roll Classes tab for details.


 Nevis and Garth have also built an American Style Diner, similar to the one on “Happy Days”, in the basement of their home.

The Diner is available for Photo Shoots on application. Please see the Diner Tab for more details.